The content for this post will be filled soon. The
title’s, pictures and videos have been placed to fill space on our website
that it may have volume and a pleasant look. It also helps me to see how the
design of the site works in multiple browsers and mobile devices, without
having to wait for the finished content. Please excuse our unfinished blogs
in the meantime. We hope that you will come back soon or subscribe to
our site to be notified of finished content. We love sharing content of our
children doing great things, so if you have something that you would like to
share please do so with the following information.</span>

Title: ie. Joshua Hits a Home Run!
Picture or video: if a picture please send good non blurry
photos that are family friendly. If a video, please upload your video to
youtube or vimeo and send us the link to share.
Caption or story: something that explains what is happening.
It can be a couple of short sentences but no longer than a page. Thank
you all for helping us Spread the good news of Christ and his

Richard Barnes Jr.

Founder – God’s Ground


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