So you finally got a 3D printer, now what?


Ever since I first heard the concept of printing a physical object, I’ve longed for the day when I could print out a knob for that old air conditioner in the basement, or a new wand for the vacuum cleaner, replace that cracked mickey mouse picture frame or print a Batman light switch for my kid’s room.  The ideas were endless, but the 3D printers were not cheap, and so I had to wait until the time was right. A few years have passed and the prices have come down, its my time baby!

Here she is, the Robo C2 Smart 3D printer with Wi-Fi, isn’t she a bute!  After reading the instructions and completing the assembly, the printer sat on my desk for about a week doing nothing.  What happened to all the ideas I had, the knobs, picture frames and light switches. Unlike a printer that prints on paper. A 3D printer is a bit more intricate. 

So I headed over to a site called for some inspiration and boy was that a great idea (thanks Kyran). They’ve got objects and ideas galore to help get your “gears turning”, and to ease the first-time print “heebie-jeebies”, you can download a template that is ready to print.

I got my gears turned and I decided to print a hotshoe for a Rode Microphone Shock Mount. I ordered it from China some number of months ago and although it was supposed to come with a hotshoe it didn’t.  So its been sitting in my camera bag all these months.

Here is the finished product, connected to my camera


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