What it means to be Saved.

By Elder Richard Barnes Jr.


Ladies, you ever wonder why that guys choose not to go to see a doctor when they’re sick.  I mean really sick and they just refuse to go see a physician.  It’s usually because of one of three reasons.

  1. Macho Man Syndrome.

I was watching a movie where a group of elite soldiers were chasing down the enemy but in the chase one of the elite soldiers was shot in the arm. The seargeant of the men said to the shot soldier, you need to fall back, you are injured and bleeding.  But the big armed, tough soldier exclaims, “I aint got time to bleed! This is the macho man syndrome at its best. Fathers and husbands feel they don’t have time to get sick because they have to work and provide for their families to keep the household afloat, and if they stop for even a moment, all hell breaks loose.

  1. It’ll get better

Men are very optimistic and believe that if they can still breathe the problem isn’t bad enough to warrant bothering a doctor and if they wait it out, they’ll just get better, and at some point they’ll be good enough that they wont need to see a doctor anyway.

  1. Don’t nobody bring me no bad news.

Every man wants to see themselves as being strong and independent, its how we are built.  When we hear the word man, we think of strength, and no man wants to think of himself as weak or broken.  So why go to a doctor only to hear that your manly body is broken. That you can’t continue being the strong man you are because of some weakness in your body.  So they would rather continue in their present state of sickness, believing that they are well, rather than to hear the truth that something in them is broken and needs help.

In striking contrast these are the same reasons we resist the urge to follow Christ when we feel him calling for us.

Macho Man syndrome, “I aint got time for salvation!” (in my macho man voice), I got people to see, places to go, money to make, houses to build, cars to drive, playstations to play, and Empire to watch. I aint got time! You are absolutey right. You don’t have time. You don’t have time because, time is winding up, get your business fixed with Jesus while you still have a chance, tomorrow is not promised.

I’ll wait till I get better, my sins are so great. Im a lyer and a cheat, Im lustful, im an addict, im gay.  I’ll be strait with you, you’ll never be “better enough” to deserve  God’s righteousness. We don’t go to the doctor because we’re getting better, we go to the doctor because we are already sick.

I don’t want to hear anyone telling me I’m on my way to hell. I can understand that, no one likes bad news, no matter how true it is (or even if it’s true).  So I have some good news for you, God is righteous and fair. He has prepared a meet and greet with you to see if you qualify to live with him in his beautiful city.  It’s called the The Great White Throne of Judgement.  Don’t worry there wont be any crooked lawyers or unfair prosecutors,  the lord will judge you according to the laws of the land, the holy land.  Good luck.

  1. As for me and all of God’s people we have conceded that we could NEVER qualify for access to his city  on our own merit.  That we would instead accept his gift of mercy and grace by BELIEVING on his son Jesus Christ, that he is the son of God, that Christ’s death on the cross was God’s own plan to redeem me unto himself.  That I have agreed to be purchased by the blood of Christ, and that in return God himself has imputed upon me the righteousness of Christ’s life, which has already satisfied God as a qualification into his city.  I have been saved from destruction that I may have life in God’s new city and live with him forever.

    And that’s what salvation is all about.


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